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Student Identity Verification Policy

Student Identity Verification Policy

Students enrolled in programs offered by Wright Graduate University are subject to one or more of the following student identity verification methods.

Government-Issued Photo Identification: Students provide a government-issued photo identification during the first in-residence weekend. The University uses this identification to verify students’ identity during monthly in-residence weekends. Students are required to attend one in-residence weekend per quarter in person. At a minimum, the University verifies student identity in-person four times a year throughout enrollment.

Secure, Individual Login and Passcode: Students are assigned a secure, individual username and password upon enrollment at Wright Graduate University. These assigned identifiers are used to access Canvas learning management system where students complete and submit coursework and access grade information.

Administrative or Academic Practices: Students are subject to identity verification, at the University’s discretion, through the use of personally identifiable information provided by the student upon application to the University. Students must provide two pieces of identifying information that can be verified by University faculty or staff using information contained within the Student Information System prior to having personally identifiable information released to them by phone. In addition, faculty may commence verification of student identity following review of student work. Changes in academic performance or writing style is monitored and may prompt a request for identity verification.  

In-Residence Attendance (Proctored Exam Policy): Wright Graduate University requires students to participate once a quarter (in-person) in the monthly in-residence weekends at the Elkhorn, Wisconsin campus. Students are required to attend one in-residence weekend in person and attend the other two sessions via telephone, webcast, or asynchronously reviewing the video from the weekend and submitting notes to verify the video was reviewed in its entirety. During these in-residence weekends, students participate in discussions to demonstrate increasing personally applied emotional intelligence, social intelligence, contribution to others, coachability, authenticity/presence, co-voyaging, and applying Wright Integrative. Students are graded on their level of participation and this grade contributes to their overall course grade. The University uses these monthly weekends to verify student identity throughout enrollment. The University uses these in-residence weekends as proctored exams for the purposes of verifying that the student who enrolled in the program is the same student who earned the degree. 

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